Looking ahead to 1.1

Bringing AxNote to the Mac and other updates.

AxNote is off to a great start on the iPad. People are already taking advantage of the powerful features of the app to transform their notes. But it doesn’t stop there.

Introducing AxNote 1.1.

Hello, macOS

macOS Big Sur brings many frameworks that AxNote relies on to the Mac for the first time. The biggest challenge in bringing AxNote to the Mac is in bringing all the powerful features of the drawing engine to the keyboard to make a great typing experience.

One of the most iconic features of AxNote is QuickTool which lets you quickly switch tools just by holding your pencil or finger on the screen momentarily — keeping you in flow of writing. When writing notes on the Mac, QuickTool keeps you in flow of typing by appearing over your content when pressing Shift + Cmd ⌘ + T. Similar to how repeatedly pressing Tab in ‘Alt + Tab’ cycles through your open applications, repeatedly pressing T in Shift + Cmd ⌘ + T cycles through commonly used tools like pens, highlighters, sections and text.

Focus Mode hides the sidebar and the Control Strip in one keyboard shortcut (Shift + Cmd ⌘ + F) — elevating your content.

Double-click Text makes working with PDFs and freeform notes much easier. All it takes to write text in AxNote 1.1 is a double click and the app creates, positions and scales a text box to the location of your click.

Here’s a demo, featuring an unnecessary branding guidelines PDF.

Finally, AxNote for Mac supports Tabs to make working with multiple notes in a session much easier and more fluid.

That’s just a quick look at some of the key features of AxNote for Mac.

Extending iPadOS

AxNote 1.1 makes the iPad even more powerful than it already was in AxNote 1.0.3. The iPad inherits many key features of the Mac version like the hide-able Control Strip and Double-tap Text. 1.1 extends the iPad even further.

New in AxNote 1.1 is support for Drag and Drop. You can now drag and drop images, right into your notes and AxNote creates a scalable space for them.


AxNote was created to make note-taking much more effortless and fluid. AxNote 1.1 extends that vision by bringing the app to the Mac and introducing features like Drag and Drop and widgets.